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The Best-Tenant Registry



Managing Real Estate Risk

low361Managing your real estate is a chore all by itself. But managing your tenants can bring a whole new factor to the equation.

The Tenant Check_db™  can help you sort out the bad from the good and we’re expanding to help you.

We’ve developed a nation wide tenant database that landlords like yourself can use to check the “tenant” worthiness of all of your prospective renters.

The risk of renting to someone that has a negative rental history can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs, court costs and lost rents.

Credit reports alone just don’t provide you with enough of the information that you need to make wise financial decisions concerning the moral character of a new renter. We’ll help you focus on whether or not (an applicant) will be a good tenant… not whether or not he’s a good credit risk.

The Solution

Tenant Check_db™ Our Tenant check database is the solution you’ve been waiting for. We’ve been collecting information on tenants rental, payment and living habits, submitted by thousands of landlords, just like you, around the country for years.

Tenant Check_db provides a direct exchange of information between landlords.

The information that you get includes tenants last address, rental payment histories, rental agreement defaults, evictions, tenant caused damages, comments from past landlords, etc..

“ Mike – Tacoma, WA. I’ve used your tenant database in screening over 40 perspective tenants for my complex and I must admit the information provided has saved me from making many bad mistakes. Well worth the cost. Many thanks! ”

Don’t wait until it’s too late to find out that your tenant has destroyed his last rented apartment or that they haven’t paid rent with the last 3 landlords.

Making the right decision in who rents your property is just as important and making the decision to buy.